1 Month Beard: Growing & Maintenance Guide

1 month old beard

The first month of beard growth can be doubtful and challenging especially if you are new to growing a beard. Below is a complete guide on maintenance and everything else you need to know.

So, how long is a 4-week or 1-month beard? On average a 4 week or 1-month beard is approximately 1/2 inch in length. Due to different facial hair growth rates, your 4 week or 1-month beard may be longer or shorter than 1/2 an inch. At the 1-month beard stage you do not need beard oils, and shampoos unless you have dry skin in this case a beard oil will help, you may need a beard brush.

As matter of fact, the one-month beard growth stage is the hardest in the beard growth stage, most men give up at this stage due to the challenges involved.

How to grow and take Care of a 1 month Beard

As stated above the average rate of beard growth is 1/2 an inch per month, however, there are some men who grow beard faster or slower than the average length.

For instance, there are men whose facia hair will be longer than 1/2 inch at the end of the four weeks, while others will have a beard shorter than 1/2 inch.

The rate of beard growth is solely affected by race, genetics, age and the beard growth hormones [androgens].

For instance, both African and Caucasian males beard grows at a faster rate than Asians and Native Americans.

Do You need beard oil

Well, you probably do not need beard oil for a 1-month beard. This is because your body has natural oils known as sebum oils that will moisturize your 1/2 inch beard and the skin beneath it.

However, for men who have dry skin or work in an environment that expose them to factors that dry their skin. Beard oil will be an essential ingredient in this beard growth journey.

In this case, invest in a beard oil that has natural oils that will moisturize your skin and the beard hairs.

Do you need a beard shampoo

You definitely don’t need a beard shampoo on a 1 month beard. Using normal face wash will do just fine. However, you may need a face exfoliator to make sure your facial hair follicles are not clogged. Invest in a good face exfoliator suitable for your skin type and exfoliate about once a week.

Do you need a beard comb or brush

Well, while you can do without a beard comb or brush, I would recommend you invest in a good beard brush. Brushing your beard after taking a bath will improve blood circulation in your beard which will promote beard growth.

Additionally, brushing your beard will help in the production and distribution of the sebum oils that will keep your beard and skin beneath it well moisturized.

Is trimming necessary

You must have heard claims that shaving will help your beard grow faster and thicker. Well, this is just a myth. Shaving your beard while you want it to grow faster and thicker will only make you take a lot of time before you achieve your beard goals.

So at 1-month beard length avoid shaving or trimming unless you want to trim your neckline.

Challenges when growing a 1 month beard

Just like any other journey in life, beard growth journey to has its challenges. These are:

Beard itch

One of the reasons most men do not go beyond the one month beard growth stage is beard itch. Beard itch can be irritating for beginners who have got no idea how to deal with it. And more so, if you have dry skin that does not produce enough sebum oils to moisturize your beard and skin beneath it.

In case you suffer from beard itchiness when growing your beard, apply jojoba or argan oil. Either of these oils will moisturize and soften your beard making it easy to deal with beard itchiness.

Stroking your beard

The first few weeks of beard growth are so tempting. Most men can’t help but stroke their beards as they ‘think’. While stroking your beard will not cause it to harm growth-wise, it is not advisable as you may be transferring germs into your beard. You can easily transfer the microorganisms that cause dandruff into your beard with your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a beard grow in a month? Beard grows at an average of 1/2 an inch per month. It can grow more than that for some men and less for others it all depends on genetics, beard growth factors, age, and race. With high growth achieved among African and Caucasian males compared to Asians and Native Americans.

What should a beard look like after 1 month? A 1-month beard will appear patchy and have bald spots especially if you are in your teens or 20s. For men who can grow a thick beard, a 1-month beard will still have some degree of patchiness.

How long is a 1 week beard? A 1 week beard is close to 5 mm by length which is considered as the most attractive beard style. 5mm beard falls between 8 and 15 days of beard growth. This is the period within which a 1 week beard is in.

How much does a beard grow in 3 weeks? A 3-week beard for a slower beard grower will be about 5mm or more for a faster grower in length. In some cases, a 3-week beard can even be longer than the average 1/2 an inch beard growth rate a month.

Can you grow a beard in a month? Yes, you can grow a beard in a month, about 1/2 an inch per month.

Wrap it up

Well, if you have made it through the 1-month beard or the awkward stage, you already have an idea of how the growth of your beard will look like.

If you are just starting out to grow your beard, this guide should help you know what to expect along the way and how to handle the challenges you will encounter.

If your beard appears patchy and has bald spots, you should not give up. If beard growth genes are on your side, patience and dedication should help you grow a full beard in 4 to 6 months. Even the best beards you see out there took time to grow.


My name is Ben, when growing my beard I had a lot of questions. Now that I have been able to grow a beard, I started this blog to share answers to the research I did to the many questions I had. I also share tips on how to maintain and grow dreadlocks and general tips to looking guide. I am all about looking good.

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