Can You Wash Your Hair With French Braids?

washing hair with french braid

Braids are an easy way to protect your hair and allow for growth, most people neglect their hair once it is braided. Today we take a look at how to maintain hygiene when you have french braids.

So, Can you wash your hair with french braids? French braids normally last from about two to three days when done with natural hair or a week when done with synthetic hair. Within this period you can wash your french braids by using residue-free shampoo. But most likely you may end up ruining your braids when you rub them especially if they are not tight enough. Most likely you will end up redoing your braids for a cleaner look. Remember to dry your braids properly to avoid mold and mildew from developing.

How to Wash French Braids

Most french braids wearers do not use hair extensions especially if they have long hair. This means that this technique of braiding involves braiding owns hair.

The fact that this protective hairstyle does not last for long. This means most people can just wear it and just wash their hair on the day of removal.

Washing french braids could mean retouching them since the washing process will end up ruining them unless you had them done tightly.

To wash your french braids, you will need residue-free shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer/ pomade.

Wash your braids as you would wash any normal hair. The residue-free clarifying shampoo should help get rid of any excess sebum in the scalp. Remember, if you do not wish to do a retouch afterward you should just rinse out the shampoo.

Afterwards, add a hair conditioner and let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing it out.

Follow it up with a good moisturizer or pomade to avoid frizz. The next step is to dry your french braids. Leaving them wet will lead to the development of hair rot. Use a hairdryer or hair bonnet to achieve this.

Importance of French braids

Protective hair style

If you are looking for a simple temporary protective hairstyle, consider trying out french braids.

If you have long hair and can French braid your hair by yourself you will be able to save on the overall cost. Even when you have to hire someone else to help you, french braids are not expensive.

They are perfect if your are looking for a simple protective hairstyle to wear for a week or less. French braids will keep your hair tucked and protected, and the fun of it all is the fact that you can just undo them as easily as you did them.


French braids are an easy protective hairstyle for those who can braid it without help from another person. More so, people who are working out and want to keep their hair tucked to avoid it falling all over. Given that, french braids will last for 2-3 days on average. You can choose to wash your hair once you remove them or follow the steps above if you want to wash it in between.


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