Carrot Oil for Beard Growth: Does It Work?

Beard oil can make ease beard maintenance, it can help you fight frizz, split ends, and even dandruff. Some beard oils can even ‘help’ with beard growth. Given that beard oils are made of various oils. I did some research to find out if I can include carrot oil in my grooming routine, and whether it can also help with growth.

So is carrot oil good for beard growth? Carrot oil is only good for beard grooming but does not stimulate beard growth. Carrots oil is loaded with beta carotene, vitamin A and E which promotes the health of the facial hair follicles. Carrots oil for facial hair grooming will make the beard softer, prevent frizzy beard, and help fight dandruff.

Overuse of carrot oil on your beard can make it turn orange. You should use carrot oil once or twice a week for grooming.

However, if you are having problems growing a beard carrot oil will not help you grow a beard, you might instead look into Rogaine or Minoxidil that has been proven to help grow a beard among men who naturally struggle to grow one.

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Forms of carrot oil

Carrot oil comes in the following forms

  • oils extracted from the carrot roots
  • the essential oil derived from the carrot seeds

Benefits of using carrot oil on the beard

Now that we have already established that carrot oil cannot help with beard growth for people who cannot grow a beard, let us discuss ways in which applying carrot oil to your beard can benefit your beard.

Soften beard

If you already have a beard you will agree with me when I say that beards are coarse as compared to head hair.

Anything that can soften a beard is a must-have for anyone, who loves their beard and likes to keep them well maintained.

A soft beard is easy to comb or brush through without entanglements, various anecdotal evidence shows that applying carrots oil on the hair makes it soft.

Given that hair and beard are made of the same ingredients, it would make sense that carrot oil will also soften your facial hair.

Fight dandruff

Dandruff can be a nuisance, especially when you are combing your beard and it suddenly looks like it has been sprayed with some white stuff.

There are various causes of beard dandruff, such as oily irritated skin, using products that are harsh on the beard, and fungus.

While carrot oil will not help you solve all the underlying issues causing dandruff in your beard. It will help you deal with dandruff caused by the fungus and dry skin underneath the facial hair.

Based on a study published hereOpens in a new tab., carrot oil has antibacterial and fungal properties. This property can help carrot oil prevent and protect you from getting beard dandruff.

Moisturizing beard

Keeping your beard well moisturized is very important, especially if you want to prevent dandruff, split ends, and coarse beard.

Anecdotal evidence claims that applying carrot oil on hair moisturizes it and the scalp.

Well as mentioned earlier hair and beards are made of the same material, which means that applying carrot oil on your beard will also moisturize your beard and skin beneath.

Boosts blood circulation

Carrots oil boost blood circulation in the skin which has been proven to help stimulate and promote beard growth.

Blood circulation will ensure that your beard is well-nourished, strong, and hence promote growth. However, for this to happen you will need to have enough testosterone and active androgen receptors.

Risks of overusing carrot oil on the beard

While carrots oil is beneficial to the beard, overusing it can have some unwanted side effects.

Anecdotal evidence claims that, using carrot oil regularly can lead to your beard turning orange.

Therefore, ensure that you do not overuse carrot oil on your beard, twice or once a week is enough.

How to use carrot oil on the beard

You can either choose to use homemade carrot oil, or buy commercially made carrot oil.

If you choose to make your own carrot beard oil, mix it with other beard-friendly oils, such as coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, argan, or jojoba oil.


Carrot oil is a good ingredient to include in your beard grooming products, while carrot oil will not help you grow a beard, it will definitely help you groom your beard.


My name is Ben, when growing my beard I had a lot of questions. Now that I have been able to grow a beard, I started this blog to share answers to the research I did to the many questions I had. I also share tips on how to maintain and grow dreadlocks and general tips to looking guide. I am all about looking good.

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