Cold, Warm, or Hot Water Bath for Beard Growth?

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Are you wondering whether the temperature of the water you use to wash your beard can in any way affect its growth? Below is a guide that explains the best water temperature for cleaning your beard.

So, does a cold, warm, or hot water bath help with beard growth? Between cold water, lukewarm water, and a hot water bath, a lukewarm water bath may potentially help with beard growth. A lukewarm water bath will stimulate blood circulation, enables your beard to absorb beard oil, and unblock facial hair follicles. These factors combined may promote beard growth but will not stimulate new beard growth.

Remember, however, that a lukewarm or hot water bath will only help with beard growth for those that can already grow a beard. If you cannot naturally grow a beard, taking a hot or warm shower will not make any difference in your beard growth.

Lukewarm and Hot Bath Benefits for Beard Growth

First, let me set the records straight. A lukewarm water bath is the best for promoting beard growth. Now let us cover the benefits.

Improved Blood Circulation

While the growth of the beard is controlled by genes and the levels of testosterone and DHT, other factors such as lifestyle, ethnicity also play a part. However, if your beard hair follicles are not receiving enough nutrients and the two androgens that stimulate beard growth they will not be able to develop and grow.

You see, testosterone primes facial hair follicles while DHT which is derived from testosterone by an enzyme promotes linear growth of facial hair. These two hormones have to be attached to androgen receptors for the beard growth process to begin.

Poor blood circulation means that your beard follicles are not getting enough nutrients and hormones. This could be one of the reasons you are having a patchy beard on your cheeks.

Washing your cheeks with warm water will improve blood circulation into the area. This is due to the fact that a warm water bath vasodilates your blood vessels in your face which opens them up. This allows for more blood to flow, especially when combined with massage or derma rolling both of which have been proven to aid in beard growth.

You can combine washing your cheeks with warm water with derma rolling then using minoxidil plus peppermint oil and castor oil. Other oils such as emu oil can also be used since they penetrate the skin easily and are some of the best carrier oils available.


Keeping your facial hair follicles clean and dirt-free is very essential for its growth. While a cold water bath may help clean your skin under the beard, it does not help with removing build-up and all the dirt that will clog your beard.

Warm water will help remove product build-up in your beard, especially when coupled with a good beard wash or exfoliator. And at the same time, warm water will also help with opening your cuticles.

By keeping your facial hair follicles clean and clog-free, you will be able to avoid acne and inflamed follicles hence promote beard growth.

Hot Bath for Beard Growth

As stated earlier, a hot bath is not good for beard growth when compared to a warm bath. Hot water may cause burns into your skin which may result in more beard loss.

Secondly, hot water will strip your skin of all the important sebum oils produced by the body for keeping your skin moisturized. A hot water bath will also strip your beard natural oils, this will in return make your beard weak, porous and frizz resulting in breakage.

Washing your beard more often with hot water will also lead to loss of the color of your beard which is as a result of hot water opening your facial hair cuticles.

Cold Water for Beard Growth

A cold water bath is not also good for beard growth when compared to warm water. This is because a warm or hot water bath opens up the pores and promotes blood circulation plus helping get rid of product build-up and excess oils that may clog your follicles.

Cold water being a vasoconstrictor does not promote blood circulation. Instead, your blood vessels will constrict and limit the flow of blood into your cheeks. Additionally, a cold water bath will not help you clean up the oil or product build up.

How to Wash Your Beard With Warm Water

We have already established that warm water is much better for washing your beard. As it is friendly to your beard and skin beneath your beard.

You can either wash your beard with warm water alone without using any beard shampoo or beard washes. This will work for you if you are washing your beard other than the two or three days a week recommended for washing your beard.

If you are washing your beard within two or three days a week as recommended. then you can include a beard shampoo or beard wash.

What to Do After Washing Beard With Warm Water

The next thing to do after washing your beard with warm water either with beard shampoo or without. Follow it up with a good beard leave-in conditioner plus beard oil, especially one that has superior moisturizing properties. These are ones that have coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, mustard oil, or olive oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cold water make your beard grow faster? Coldwater does not make your beard grow faster, the growth of a beard is affected by genes, hormones, ethnicity, and lifestyle.

Does cold water stimulate beard growth? Coldwater does not stimulate beard growth. Beard growth is stimulated by androgens.

Is water good for beards? Water is good for beards since when you wash your beard with warm water it will help beard cuticles and the skin for better absorption of beard oil for moisturizing. Drinking water will also keep you hydrated and healthy.

Can you use ice for beard growth? Ice will not promote or stimulate beard growth. Beard growth is stimulated by testosterone and DHT.


While taking a bath or washing your face with warm water is not among the factors that stimulate beard growth. Washing your face with warm water will promote blood circulation in your face that will in return promote the delivery of androgens and nutrients into your facial hair follicles and may potentially promote beard growth. Washing your face with warm water will also help with removing natural oil build-up and prevent clogging your pores.


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