Does Amla Oil Help in Beard Growth? Facts Explained

amla oil for beard

Anecdotal evidence shows that amla oil can be used for hair growth. I did some digging to find its effect on the beard. Here is what I found.

Does amla oil help in beard growth? Amla oil does not help in beard growth. Amla oil hinders facial hair growth by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that promotes the growth of facial hair. You should not use amla oil for growing your beard.

Read on to find out why amla oil is bad for beard growth and care but a good hair growth alternative. Almost as good as topical finasteride.

Amla oil for Beard Growth and Care

What is amla oil?

Amla fruit also known as the Indian gooseberry comes from a tree known as Amalaki and is native to India.

It is from these berries that amla oil is extracted. Amla oil contains a lot of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin C.

How is amla oil extracted?

Amla oil is extracted by soaking dried amla fruits into another oil such as mineral oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil.

The fruits will remove their oil into the mixture which is then sieved and packed as amla oil.

This means that unless the oil is separated through distillation. Amla oil will contain any of the substances that were used during extraction.

Why is amla oil bad for facial hair?

The growth of facial hair is largely influenced by two factors namely beard hormones (testosterone and DHT) plus your genes.

Testosterone is converted into DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase.

Having said that any product that hinders the activities of these factors internally or externally will hinder your beard growth.

Based on a study published here, research was carried out to investigate the mechanism that various plant extracts used to treat hair loss by investigating their ability to inhibit 5-alpha reductase hormone.

Well, amla oil ranked second as one of the best plant extracts to inhibit 5-alpha reductase enzyme hence blocking DHT.

Second best to safflower oil abilities to inhibit DHT when compared to topical finasteride a drug approved by the FDA for treating hair loss.

As we mentioned earlier DHT plays a major role in promoting beard growth and given that amla oil inhibits DHT. That makes it a bad option for growing facial hair.

The above fact makes amla oil a great alternative for growing treating scalp hair loss caused by DHT commonly known as androgenic alopecia.

When applied on the scalp amla oil will block the activity of DHT and prevent hair loss.

Can you apply amla oil on your beard

No, it is also not advisable to apply amla oil in your facial hair. Based on this study published here carried out to test the effectiveness of the topical application of finasteride.

The results showed that the topical application of finasteride was also effective in treating androgenic alopecia.

Therefore applying amla oil in your beard will block the activity of DHT and may even cause thinning of your beard and eventually beard loss.

But then why are some beard oil companies using it in their oils? The main reason that some beard oil companies use amla oi in their beard oils is due to a lack of information or a lack of proper understanding.

Most recent beard companies do no carry out research before manufacturing beard oils. They just assume that since a certain ingredient has been used to grow hair it can also work for beard growth.

Before buying any beard oils be sure to check the ingredients and look out for DHT blockers.


So, should you be using amla oil on your beards? No, amla oil does not do your beard any good in terms of growth. Therefore you should avoid amla oil at all cost, there other natural oils that you can use that will not interfere with the growth of your beard at all such as castor oil.

Frequently Asked Question

Is amla oil good for damaged hair? when used on the scalp hair amla oil is good for damaged hair, it will help strengthen and condition your hair all the way down to the hair root.

Which oil is good for beard growth? The best oil for beard growth is peppermint oil which has been proven to stimulate hair growth.

Is amla oil good for a white beard? amla oil is not good for any type of beard either white, black or brown, it is with no doubt that amla oil does not promote beard growth at all.

Is Dabur amla hair oil or Patanjali amla oil good for beard growth? Neither of the two amla oils is good for beard growth as they will block the activity of dihydrotestosterone which is the hormone that promotes beard growth.

Does amla oil increase beard growth? amla oil does not increase beard growth at all. Amla oil has been proven to decrease the levels of dihydrotestosterone hormone in the body, a hormone that promotes the growth of facial hair.

How can I use Amla oil for beard growth? Unfortunately, there is no way you can use amala oil for beard growth, the fact that amla oil affects beard growth hormones negatively makes it a bad beard growth alternative.


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