Does Caffeine Help Beard Growth?

Does caffeine help beard growth

Coffee has been scientifically proven to help reverse androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness caused by testosterone and DHT. Given that beard growth is influenced by these two hormones, I did some research to find out how coffee affects the beard.

So, does coffee help beard growth? Coffee does help with beard growth. The caffeine contained in coffee increases testosterone, a hormone that stimulates beard growth. When applied on the face coffee will prolong the beard growth phase, promotes facial hair elongation, and promote blood circulation that results in improved beard growth.

There are tons of articles online that claim that Coffee is a DHT blocker, and given that DHT blockers prevent the growth of beards you may think that coffee will not promote beard growth.

However, coffee blocks the effects caused by DHT which are a miniaturization of the blood vessels to the hair follicles hence stunting growth.

Coffee reverses these effects by prolonging the growth phase, elongation, and promoting blood circulation.

Coffee for beard growth

The growth of a beard is influenced by two factors your genes called androgen receptors, and their sensitivity to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a more potent form of testosterone.

Boosting androgen receptors or sensitivity and levels of testosterone (if you have clinically low levels), should at least help you grow a beard.

How does caffeine stimulate beard growth?

Boosting beard growth hormones

Yes, caffeine stimulates the growth of your facial hair when consumed orally. Caffeine found in coffee boosts the levels of testosterone in the body which is a facial hair growth hormone.

Studies published hereOpens in a new tab. and here, conducted on both human beings and rats have proven that consumption of caffeinated coffee has a testosterone-boosting effect.

Testosterone is the hormone that stimulates the growth of facial hair by priming facial hair follicles.

Then, DHT a hormone, that is synthesized from testosterone by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme promotes linear growth of the facial hair. Therefore testosterone is an essential factor in the growth of facial hair.

Increased testosterone also comes with an added advantage, not just growing beards. Some of these advantages include increased sexual drive.

Promotes growth phase, elongation, and blood circulation

As opposed to many claims that coffee is a DHT blocker, this research published here, shows that coffee blocks the effects of DHT, which is a miniaturization of the blood vessels that result in stunted hair growth and eventually hair loss.

Coffee counteracts the effects of DHT by promoting hair shaft elongation prolongs the growth phase and slows the shedding phase.

So, when applied to the beard it will promote growth, beard hair elongation, and reduce beard shedding.

Benefits of using coffee for hair loss

Coffee’s DHT effects blocking properties make it a good alternative for hair growth and hair loss remedy.

When topically applied on your scalp, coffee will increase blood circulation, block DHT effects, and promote hair growth.

Cofee will also add shine to hair besides making it soft and preventing premature greying of hair.

Add coffee into your spritz bottle and spray your hair prior to shampooing it. Or add a few drops of coffee into your shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does drinking coffee make you grow a mustache? Yes, drinking coffee can make you grow a mustache, coffee has been proven to increase the levels of testosterone in men when consumed orally. However, drinking coffee alone will not make you grow a mustache. You can combine coffee drinking with Minoxidil to grow a mustache.

Does caffeine shampoo help beard growth? Yes, washing your beard with caffeine shampoo will help beard growth, especially when the two main primary growth factors are right [genes and hormones] caffeine shampoo will help prolong the growth phase, increase beard length and reduce beard shedding.

Are Coffee Grounds Good for beard growth? Yes, coffee grounds are good for beard growth, especially when used for scrubbing your face and beard. Scrubbing using coffee grounds will help improve your beard growth.

Is alpecin good for beard growth? Yes, alpecin is good for facial hair growth since it is made using coffee as one of its ingredients, coffee will prolong the beard growth phase, delay beard shedding and help increase beard length.


Coffee is a good beard growth product when used both topically and when consuming. Even better washing your beard or hair with coffee will promote the growth of beard and hair.


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