Does Ginger Help in Beard Growth?


I love that extra aroma that ginger adds to the food. I got curious about whether ginger can be beneficial to beard growth and decided to do some digging here is what I found.

Does ginger help in beard growth? Yes, Ginger does help in facial hair growth if you have low levels of testosterone. Ginger boosts testosterone levels when eaten. Low levels of beard growth hormones can hinder beard growth. Applying ginger to your beard may have negative beard growth effects.

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Ginger for beard growth

Ginger alone will not help you to grow a beard especially if you have enough levels of testosterone.

The growth of the beard is affected by genes and two hormones known as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone DHT based on this studyOpens in a new tab..

The sensitivity of your androgen receptors to DHT is what determines whether you will grow a beard or not.

Nonetheless, Rogaine and minoxidil have been proven to help men who have not been able to grow beard naturally grow a beard.

So if your testosterone levels are okay, you should try increasing the sensitivity of your androgen receptors.

If for some reason even after doing so you are not able to grow a beard you can now try Minoxidil and beard roller. These will certainly help you grow facial hair.

How does ginger help in the growth of facial hair?

Ginger has been proven through studies to increase the levels of testosterone in both human and rat research studies.

This studyOpens in a new tab. conducted on diabetic rats for 30 days found that the rats involved had increased their levels of testosterone and luteinizing hormone.

In another studyOpens in a new tab., the levels of testosterone in the rats involved in the study almost doubled when their ginger intake was increased.

A study conducted on infertile men revealed ginger to increase the levels of testosterone after three months of consuming ginger by 17%.

Additionally, luteinizing hormone levels in their bodies were almost double when compared to when they were beginning the study.

Ginger also playsOpens in a new tab. a crucial part in the improvement of sperm count for those who have low sperm count.

Is it a good idea to apply ginger to your beard?

Although there are no studies conducted on how ginger affects your beard when topically applied.

There is a study that was conducted to find out whether ginger can help in hair growth.

The studyOpens in a new tab. involved mouse and cultured hair follicles, the results were surprisingly opposite of what the researchers were expecting.

Instead of promoting the growth of hair, the researchers found that ginger actually suppressed the growth of hair follicles.

Although the growth of facial hair and scalp hair is different, based on this study I would not recommend you apply ginger topically on your beard.

There are better natural oils that can help you achieve the same benefits that come with applying ginger and they will not harm your beard as ginger would. Such as argan, coconut oil, olive oil, castor, and jojoba oil.

Therefore, the best way to use ginger to promote beard growth is through consuming it orally.

Other benefits of ginger that may help grow a beard

Based on this study, participants who took ginger supplements before exercising helped in relieving pain after exercise as compared to taking ginger supplements after exercise.

How will this help in beard growth you may ask?

Well, resistance form of exercise has been proven to increase the levels of testosterone and also improve the sensitivity of the androgen receptors.

Consuming some ginger supplements or including ginger into your daily diet will come in handy when looking for ways to promote the growth of facial hair.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow a beard and mustache by applying ginger oil? No, applying ginger oil will not help you grow facial hair. On the contrary, the topical application of ginger oil has been found to suppress the growth of hair follicles.

How do I use ginger to promote new facial hair growth? The best way to use ginger to promote beard growth is by consuming it orally.

Oral consumption of ginger will boost levels of testosterone in your body and if testosterone is what is holding you back from growing a beard. You will definitely be able to grow a beard.   


The best way to use ginger to grow a beard is to use it with other testosterone-boosting foods such as garlic, onion, banana, and other supplements. Together these foods will help you grow a beard. But only if low levels of testosterone are what is holding you back from growing a beard.

If you have the right levels of testosterone taking testosterone-boosting foods or hormones will not help you grow a beard.


My name is Ben, when growing my beard I had a lot of questions. Now that I have been able to grow a beard, I started this blog to share answers to the research I did to the many questions I had. I also share tips on how to maintain and grow dreadlocks and general tips to looking guide. I am all about looking good.

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