3 Benefits of Eggs for Beard Growth

Egg benefits for beard growth

Below are ways that an egg can help you improve your beard growth, when combined with other beard growth-promoting foods.

Is egg good for beard growth? Eggs do help with beard growth by providing essential nutrients like protein, zinc, vitamins, biotin, and iron that play part in facial hair growth. Eggs also boost the levels of beard growth-stimulating hormone testosterone. An egg white or yolk beard mask will nourish, moisturize, and soften your beard. Eggs are beneficial for both hair and beard both when eaten and when applied as a mask.

Eggs for beard growth

Nourish facial hair follicles

When applied as a hair mask, eggs will nourish your facial hair follicles and promote beard growth due to the high sulfur content.

Sulfur has been proven to prolong the growth phase of the hair hence helping in increasing the length. All cells in the body need vitamin A for growth; hair is characterized as the fastest-growing body tissue.

Therefore, vitamin A will promote beard growth when included in the diet. Additionally, vitamin A helps in the production of sebum oils that keep the skin and beard moisturized hence providing a good environment for beard growth.  

Low levels of Vitamin A have been associated with hair loss as discussed here. Eggs also contain Vitamin E that helps with the prevention of oxidative stress that can impede beard growth. Other sources of vitamin E include sunflower oil and avocado oil.

Eggs also contain iron whose deficiency has been associated with hair loss, having three or two eggs, plus a balanced diet will keep your iron levels at the right levels.

Finally, eggs are excellent sources of zinc, whose deficiency has been associated with hair loss as shown in this article. Actually one of the signs of zinc deficiencies is hair loss.

Therefore, ensuring that your body has enough zinc is crucial for beard and hair growth. Zinc also ensures that your body is releasing enough sebum oil that will help keep your skin moisturized.

Soften, strengthen and add shine to beard

Eggs are packed with proteins that help to add shine and strengthen your facial hair. An egg mask will be a plus if your beard breaks when you comb. Eggs also contain lecithin a fat that can soften and moisturize your beard. This same fat is used in several cosmetic products, more so for treating dry and damaged hair.

Increase testosterone levels

The growth of facial hair is stimulated by genes and levels of testosterone, which is converted into its more potent form of DHT. Testosterone primes facial hair follicles while DHT promotes linear growth of the beard. You need to have enough levels of testosterone in your body to promote and maintain beard growth. Low levels of testosterone have been associated with stunted or lack of beard growth.

However, a point to note is the fact that if you have the right levels of testosterone boosting your testosterone further will not make any difference towards your beard growth.

If your testosterone levels are fine, the other reason that is preventing you from growing a beard is your genes or ethnicity. Read this article to learn why you are having issues achieving your beard goals. However, you can use products like Rogaine that have been proven to help with beard growth, even among men that have issues growing a beard.

If you are having issues growing a beard due to low levels of testosterone, incorporating eggs in your diet among other testosterone boosting foods will help you increase your testosterone levels and promote beard growth.  Researchers recommend eating two to three eggs per week to get the maximum benefits from eggs.

How to make eggs beard mask   

The best way is to mix an egg yolk with an essential oil such as avocado oil, coconut oil, honey, and olive oil. These essential oils will further add more benefits to your beard, such as moisturize, add shine, soften and strengthen it.

What you will need to make an egg beard mask is:

  • One egg
  • A tablespoon of olive oil
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil
  • A tablespoon of avocado oil

Mix the ingredients together and use a blender to mix them fully, you can then apply this egg beard mask on your beard, when it is damp and let it sit for about an hour before washing it off with beard shampoo or beard soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does egg yolk help facial hair grow? Both egg white and egg yolk do help with beard growth, either when eaten or applied as a beard mask. When eaten they boost beard growth hormone testosterone, and when used as a beard mask they will help moisturize your beard and soften it.


Eggs are an excellent source of nutrients that are crucial towards promoting and ensuring the healthy growth of your beard. At the same time applying an egg mask to your beard has its benefits especially if you have a dry beard. Include about two to three eggs per week in your diet plan, if you are suffering from low levels of zinc, testosterone, vitamin E, and A plus iron.


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