How Do Celebrities Grow Beards So Quickly? (3 Reasons)

how do celebrities grow beard so fast

In this post, we will cover tricks that celebrities use that can make you think that their beards grow quicker than normal.

Here are is how celebrities grow beards so quickly:

  • Prop beard or fake beard
  • Makeup
  • Acting time differences

You must have seen most of these celebrities that have near-perfect facial hair, and wondered how the hell they just grew their beards that fast.

You see, the growth of the beard is controlled by genes and testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Beards grow at the rate of half an inch per month and you cannot increase that rate no matter what.

The sensitivity of your androgen receptors (genes) to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone determines the extent of your beard. Most men have the same levels of testosterone what differs is the sensitivity of the androgen receptors.

How celebrities appear to have grown a beard so fast

Prop beard or fake beard

Prop beard or fake beard is a synthetic beard that when applied on the face using a special type of glue makes a person appear as if they have real facial hair.

There are some makeup artists that are experienced enough to make a fake beard look like a real beard. These are the makeup artists that are hired to style celebrities.

Some of the jobs that celebrities do require them to either have a long beard, stubble or even clean-shaven. Therefore, they are required to dress for these jobs appropriately.

Some of the people who wore fake beards effectively, but took pride in shaving the real ones were the Egyptian pharaohs based on archeological evidence.


Makeup can make a long beard appear short during an acting session. When the acting session is over and the makeup is removed then you will be surprised to find the same celebrity that had a short beard having a long beard and you wonder why their facial hair grew so fast. Dying facial hair can also make them appear bigger and fuller than they really are.

Acting time differences

The acting time difference is one of the best reasons after a fake beard that explains why celebrities’ beard appears to have grown so quickly.

Some action scenes are acted way long before they are released. Acting involves a lot of activities and scenes. Some scenes require a celebrity to have no beard at all while others require them to have a full beard. In such scenes, the celebrity will have to use a fake beard.

Secondly, a movie may be acted and released after even a year, and during the time of acting, they did not have a beard. Beard grows at the rate of half an inch per month, so, let say a movie is released after one year or six months from the date of release. By the time the movie is released, the celebrity will have already grown a beard. Which will make you think that their beards grew faster, while in a real sense, it just grew normally.


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