4 Tips on How to Soften Beard Stubble

How to soften beard stubble

If you enjoy keeping a short beard or a stubble as commonly known and have been wondering how to soften it. We compiled the best tips on how to soften your beard stubble.

Here are tips on how to soften beard stubble home remedies

  1. Exfoliate your beard stubble once or twice a month
  2. Wash your beard stubble using a conditioning shampoo
  3. Use a beard conditioner
  4. Use high-quality beard/essential oil
  5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Softening beard stubble

ResearchOpens in a new tab. has even provided evidence that women prefer men with beards to men who are clean-shaven.

Men wearing stubble were rated as the most attractive and were a choice for long-term or short-term relationships among the women in the study group.

Men with longer beards were also considered attractive, more aggressive, more mature, and masculine. They also considered men with long beards for the long term and short term relationships.

Reasons your beard stubble is coarse and brittle

Lack of moisture

Beard grows about half an inch every month, and compared to hair on your head your beard is coarser.

When your beard is growing, your body produces enough sebum oil to replenish your beard.

But, once it attains a certain length say two inches it becomes hard for your body to produce enough sebum oils to nourish your facial hair, especially for people who have dry skin.

As a result, your beard does not get enough natural oils to stay moisturized. The skin beneath your facial hair also becomes dry and starts to flake which may cause dandruff.

It’s best to start moisturizing your beard using natural safe oils that will not affect the health and growth of your beard.

Poor quality and wrong beard grooming products

When choosing products to wash and groom your beard, you should keep shampoos and products meant for your scalp hair.

They contain compounds that are not safe for your beard. These compounds will strip your beard of its natural oils and leave it dry.

There are better beard grooming products that will clean your beard and at the same time leave your beard moisturized and smelling nice.

Weather conditions

Men residing in countries that experience cold weather are prone to having a coarse beard. Low temperatures just like high temperatures will stripe your beard of the much-needed moisture.

You should, therefore, make sure that your beard is well moisturized in such weather conditions if you want to maintain a soft beard stubble.

Washing your beard using hard water

Hard water will strip your beard it much-needed natural oils and even make it hard for you to effectively clean your beard.

Hard water does not rather easily meaning you will use a lot of your beard shampoo and still not get the desired results.

Now that we have covered what causes your beard to become coarse, let discuss ways to soften your beard or stubble.

How to soften beard stubble at home naturally

Exfoliate your facial hair once a month

The first step towards softening your beard stubble is making sure that it is well exfoliated at least once a month.

The reason for exfoliation is so that you can unclog clogged facial hair follicles and enable them to produce sebum oils which will help you nourish and moisturize your stubble and beard.

If you have a short stubble this could even be enough since your body will be able to produce enough sebum oils for short one-month stubble.

However, you should not exfoliate your beard more than once a month as this may cause to loss of sebum oils and your body may not be able to keep up with the demand.

Wash your facial hair once or twice a week

I would recommend washing your beard once per week using high-quality beard soap or shampoo. Twice if you have oily sensitive skin.

An exfoliated and then washed beard will remain healthy and easy to maintain. You will promote the growth of your facial hair and sebum production at the same time.

Again, when shopping for beard shampoo or soaps look for soaps that are designed purposely for washing beard.

Use high-quality beard oil and conditioner

Invest in good high-quality beard oil, beard balm, and beard conditioner.

These products will help you replenish moisture in your beard and prevent it from harsh environmental conditions.

There are some beard oils that have tons of ingredients that will not really benefit your beard, some will even course you more harm than good.

If you are maintaining a beard stubble oils that have argan oil and jojoba oil are your best bet. They will soften and moisturize your beard and skin beneath.

Additional oils such as coconut, olive, and castor oil will do you no harm.

But argan oil and jojoba oil are your best bet whether you have sensitive, oily or dry skin and are looking to soften your beard stubble.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Ensure that you are always hydrated and you get enough sleep and you eat a healthy diet if you are looking to maintain a healthy beard stubble.

Testosterone helps regulate the production of sebum oil, it is, therefore, advisable to keep your testosterone levels at the right level.

Who does stubble suit?

Stubble is one of the beard styles that suits almost everyone. Nonetheless, those who have extremely sensitive skin can wear beard stubble as it will help them avoid either having to clean shave and or growing a longer beard.

Stubble style for round face or soft jawline

For those who have a round face or soft jawline, growing and grooming stubble in the right way can give the lower part of the face some definition.

For a rounder face, it is advised that you maintain stubble on the lower edges of the cheeks as this will help add some definition to the jawline.

In case one has added, weight stubble can help in reinforcing the neckline.

Square jawline or face

If you have a square jawline or face make sure to not maintain your stubble in such a way that it appears as if it has precision edges as this will make your bone structure appear angular.

Rather, it is advisable to maintain a soft look that will balance the edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does beard oil soften stubble? Yes, beard oil that is loaded with argan oil and jojoba oil will soften your stubble after a week or two of use. If you follow the steps outlined above you could soften your stubble much faster.

Is stubble beard attractive? Yes, beard stubble is attractive. Based on research, beard stubble was found to be the most attractive to women. The research also revealed that men with beards appeared more attractive as compared to clean-shaven men.

How do you reduce stubble? You can use a premium beard trimmer with a calibrated trimmer to reduce the size of your stubble to where you want it.

What length is beard stubble? The length of the beard stubble is between 1mm to 3mm. When trying to achieve a stubble choose the length that you feel will best suit you, then even out the rest of the beard to that particular length.

How can you soften your stubble before shaving? You can wash your stubble with warm water before shaving to soften it.  Washing your facial hair with water is the best way to soften stubble prior to shaving.

Additionally, if you continue using beard oil that has jojoba oil and argan oil on a daily basis your beard stubble will be soft and you will not need to soften it before shaving.

How to make my beard soft? You can make your beard soft by religiously applying argan and jojoba oil on a daily basis.

Which is the best beard oil for softening a beard? The best beard oil for softening your facial hair is one that contains argan oil and jojoba oil. These two oils should be enough to soften your beard if you religiously apply them. The two can also be the only beard oils you will ever need.

Recap on how to soften beard stubble naturally at home

  1. Exfoliate your beard stubble once a month
  2. Wash your beard stubble once or twice a week
  3. Use high-quality beard grooming product
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle


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