Baby Shampoo For Beards: [Benefits & Recommendation]

Is Baby Shampoo good for Beards?

My beard shampoo always runs out without my knowledge most of the time. Blame it on procrastination to refill the bottle. Just the other day my beard became itchy and as I was looking for my beard shampoo I realized I did not have any. But I found several bottles of baby shampoo for my son.

Below is research I did on whether baby shampoo can harm my manly mane.

So, is baby shampoo good for beards? Yes, Baby shampoo is good for the beards. The baby shampoo lathers easily and will leave your beard feeling soft, smooth, and well moisturized. For those who have sensitive skin, baby shampoo can be good for them since its made for the delicate sensitive skin of babies.

While you can use baby shampoo on your beard, in the long run, you should focus on using shampoo purposely focused on beards like this Viking Revolution Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner.

Baby shampoo for Beard Wash

Baby shampoo is a great alternative to beard shampoos. You can comfortably grab a baby shampoo and wash your beard hen you happen to ran out of your beard shampoo.

Some of the most notable features of baby shampoo that make it an excellent alternative to beard shampoo or wash include

Baby shampoo is tear-free, some are fragrance-free, most do not have harmful ingredients such as parabens and phthalates, or sulfates or dyes.

Using baby shampoo on your beard will leave it clean, moisturized, soft and smelling good.

What to look for before using baby shampoo on your beard


Although most baby shampoos have stopped using parabens in their products, you should make sure that the baby shampoo that you want to use on your beard does not have parabens.

Parabens are normally used to prolong the shelf life of cosmetics products. One of the dangers of parabens is the estrogen-like effects they have in your body.

Study shows that substances are absorbed much faster through the hair follicles, and given that parabens imitate estrogen you may end up getting man boobs or even stunt your beard growth as high estrogen levels in the body leads to decreased testosterone, a hormone that promotes beard growth.


Another product that has been intensely used in the manufacture of cosmetics is the phthalates.

In the manufacture of baby, shampoo phthalates are used as a gelling agent.

Phthalates ensure that the baby shampoo is thick and well textured. Most companies are steering away from these ingredients as well.

But it is advisable to check the list of ingredients just to be safe.  Just like parabens phthalates disrupt the hormones in the body.


Just like the above-mentioned ingredients, sulfate is another ingredient that you will find in some cosmetics including some baby shampoo.

Some of the side effects of using products with sulfates include irritation to the eyes, lungs, and skin.

Sulfates can also dehydrate your beard and skin beneath it leaving you susceptible to dandruff in your beard.

Avoid anti-androgenic essential oils in baby shampoo

Some baby shampoos use essential oils to add fragrance to their products. Anti-androgenic natural oils can mess with your hormone balance.

Given that your beards are androgenic hair, anything anti-androgenic will only harm your beard. Below is a list of the oils you should avoid.

Tea tree oil and lavender oil

Tea tree oil and lavender oil was found to cause gynecomastia/ man boobs among teenage boys.

As a matter of fact, you should avoid all the products that have anti-androgenic ingredients in their ingredients list.

Using baby shampoo to wash Beards

When washing your beards using baby shampoo, you just follow the same steps you use when washing your beard using the normal beard shampoo.

Wet your facial hair first, then apply the baby shampoo on your palm and rub it into your beard and let it lather as you wash your beard.


Baby shampoo can be a great alternative to wash your facial hair. Especially when you ran out of the normal beard shampoo.

Baby shampoos are made of ingredients that are supposed to be friendly to the sensitive skin of the baby. These ingredients are supposed to be sensitive yet at the same time they should help keep the babies’ skin clean.

When you used on your beard, baby shampoo will leave your beard clean and smelling well especially if the baby shampoo has a fragrance.  

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