Is Sesame Oil Good for Beard Growth?

sesame oil for beard

Are you wondering whether sesame oil for beard growth is a good idea, read on to find out.

Sesame oil is good for beard growth and grooming. Sesame oil for beard growth helps boost the levels of beard growth hormone testosterone when consumed. When applied on the beard sesame oil for beard grooming will help fight dandruff, soften, smoothen, add shine and add strength to your facial hair.

If you have not been diagnosed with low levels of testosterone, sesame oil will only help you groom your beard but not grow it.

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Beard growth creams such as rogaine or minoxidil will however do a better job helping you grow a beard compared to sesame oil.

Sesame oil for beard

What is sesame oil?

Sesame oil is extracted from the seeds of the sesame plant native to India and East Africa.

When buying sesame oil for the beard consider pure sesame oil preferably one that is extracted via cold pressing. Sesame oil can be applied to your skin as well as used for cooking.

How is it made

Sesame oil, like most seed based oils is made using the following techniques.

Cold pressing is one of the best and safe ways to extract plant oils without interfering with their benefits. This process preserves all the benefits of the plants from which the oil is being pressed from.

There are two ways that sesame oil is obtained via pressing. The first one involves pressing the sesame seeds raw without roasting them, while the one involves roasting the seeds first and then pressing the roasted seeds.

Cold-pressed sesame oil product is called virgin sesame oil and much better compared to the roasted pressed oil.

Benefits of oral sesame oil for beard

Can potentially boost testosterone

The growth of a beard is influenced by genes and their sensitivity to the two hormones namely; testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is synthesized from testosterone.

Testosterone primes facial hair follicles and dihydrotestosterone promotes linear growth of facial hair. Anything that goes against your levels of testosterone levels hinders the growth of your beard.

To grow a magnificent beard you must have genes on your side most of all, then the levels of testosterone should be normal. Most men have the same levels of testosterone.

However, there are some men who have clinically low levels of testosterone and for such men, they may not be able to grow a beard.

Incorporating sesame oil in their diet combined with other tips to boost testosterone may help them grow a beard.

However, if your levels of testosterone are at par, using sesame oil to boost testosterone levels will not make a difference in your beard growth.

Based on a report published hereOpens in a new tab., sesame seed oil can boost the level of testosterone in the body if consumed for 60 days continuously.

However, another studyOpens in a new tab. contradicts the latter as it shows that sesame seed oil actually reduces testosterone. A group of male albino rats was administered with sesame oil at 1ml/kg of body weight every day for a month.

At the end of the study, the levels of testosterone in the bodies of the rats had significantly decreased.

On analyzing sesame seed oil they were found to contain high levels of lignin that contains a high amount of phytoestrogen a compound that has similar effects as estrogen hormone.

High levels of estrogen do not promote facial hair growth in men but have been proven to cause female-like features development in men such as man boobs.

High levels of estrogen in men have also been known to cause infertility and erectile dysfunctionOpens in a new tab..

As a result of these two contradictory studies, I would only recommend using sesame seed oil topically for beard growth.

Topical benefits of sesame oil for beard?

Help to control dry skin under beard

Sesame oil is an emollient, meaning it will soften rough-dry and flaky skin. When your skin does not have enough moisture or water it dries and flakes.

Emollients like sesame oil normally fill the cracked skin with fatty ingredients and reverse the effects.

If your skin sebum glands are not producing enough sebum oils, you can mix sesame oil with ylang-ylang which has been known to help stimulate the production of sebum oil.

These two will ensure that your skin and beard are well moisturized.

Help fight dandruff

Sesame seed oil is loaded with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.Opens in a new tab. Given that dandruff is caused by fungus applying sesame oil will help prevent or treat dandruff in your beard.

Its moisturizing properties will also help you prevent and control dandruff caused by flaking of the skin.

Stronger, shinier beard

Applying sesame oil to your beard or using a hair mask can potentially help strengthen your facial hair as well as preventing split ends and breakage.

These benefits are associated with the emollient properties of sesame oil which will make the oil enter gaps in your beard and seal it.

Consequently, when you wash your beard it will not absorb a lot of water. When beards absorb water it swells and may eventually become damaged.

How to use sesame oil on your beard

There are several ways that you can use sesame oil for your beard.

Beard shampoo

You can mix sesame oil with your beard shampoo by adding a few drops into your beard shampoo when washing your beard.

That way as you wash your beard, sesame oil will be applied all over your beard and skin beneath your facial hair.

Beard oil

Beard oils are some of the best options for keeping your beard moisturized, soft, shiny, and smelling nice.

You can either buy ready-made beard oils or you can opt to make your own beard oil which by the way is way cheaper than buying ready-made beard oil.

Even better, some of these beard oils are made using some natural oils that are DHT blockers such as amla oil and tea tree oil.

Making your own beard oil will make sure you have control over the ingredients.

You can add a few drops of sesame oil to your homemade beard oil to add the benefits that come with it as discussed above.


There are no studies that have been conducted specifically on sesame oil and beard. However, there are tons of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of sesame oil for the beard.

Given the already scientifically proven properties of sesame oil, we can use that information to learn which beard challenges that sesame oil can help solve.

Due to the controversy on whether sesame oil boosts or hinders testosterone production, my recommendation would be to avoid using it orally for beard growth but rather use it topically.


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