3 Benefits of Mink Oil for Beards

Mink oil for beard

Do you know that mink oil is very similar to sebum oil produced by our skin? This is because of a substance known as palmitoleic acid that has similar properties to sebum. Read on to learn the benefits of mink oil for your beard and how to use it.

Mink oil is good for beard grooming but does not stimulate beard growth. Mink oil for beard grooming will moisturize it, fight dandruff, condition, soften, and add shine. Mix mink oil with other lightweight oils such as coconut oil for increased benefits.

What Is Mink Oil?

Mink oil, just like the name suggests, is extracted from the fats of an animal called mink. Mink oil is used in several cosmetic products due to its similarities to sebum naturally produced by the human skin.

Apart from being included in cosmetic products, mink oil is also used in the leather industry for treating and conditioning leather (sourceOpens in a new tab.).

Mink Oil for Beards

Unfortunately, there is no research purposely focusing on mink oil for the beard. However, we can use the already existing research carried on mink oil and its properties and determine how it can help beard and hair grooming.


One of the key procedures to follow each and every day is to moisturize your beard and skin beneath. This simple procedure will keep your beard healthy and help you prevent several challenges that men with beards face such as dandruff, dry beard, frizz, and dull beard.

A good beard moisturizer should have two very important properties. First, it should be able to penetrate your beard and skin without clogging your pores, and secondly, it should not allow water to penetrate your beard.

Mink oil, being very similar to sebum (an oily wax produced by the body), for these purposes, is a very good choice for keeping your beard and skin beneath moisturized.

Mink oil absorbs easily in the skin and hair, meaning it will moisturize your beard from the inside out. Mixing it with oils like avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil will further keep your beard moisturized.

Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff or beardruff can be a nuisance especially when you are just starting your beard growth journey. Beardruff is caused by either bacteria, fungi, or dry and flaky skin.

Given that mink oil is a great moisturizer, using it regularly will help keep your beard moisturized hence protect you against dandruff caused by dryness and flakiness.

Combining mink oil with oils like coconut oil and castor oil and grapeseed oil may help you fight dandruff caused by fungi and bacteria.

Soften and Add Shine

A dry and unmoisturized beard is normally dry, dull, and brittle. But a moisturized beard will be soft, lustrous, and shiny. Mink oil will help you soften, add shine, and control frizz when used regularly.

Combine mink oil with other essential oils such as jojoba oil which have also been proven to have similar characteristic as the human sebum.

While jojoba oil will not penetrate your skin and hair, it helps to form a coating on the skin and hair and prevent moisture from escaping by locking it in.

How to Use Mink Oil for Your Beard

The best time to use mink oil in your beard is when you have just left the shower when your beard is damp.

Washing your beard with lukewarm water will help open your beard cuticles and skin pores which eases the absorption of the mink oil. Avoid using hot water for washing your beard since hot water will strip of your beard its natural oil and leave it dry.

A cold water beard wash on the other hand will not open up your beard cuticles or skin pores meaning there will be poor absorption of beard oils.

Apply mink oil in your beard using your fingertips and massage it properly to allow the oil to penetrate your skin beneath the beard.

Make sure you do not apply excess mink oil, if applied in excess, the excess will trickle down your neck and may cause stains in your clothes.

Apply a little bit more of your DIY beard oil in the evening before you go to bed, this will allow your beard to soak in the oil through the night.

Wrapping It Up

The similarities between mink oil with human sebum makes it a great beard oil for keeping your beard and skin moisturized. Mixing it with other oils listed above will only increase these benefits.


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