What Are Beard Lovers Called?

What are Beard Lovers Called?

Over the years beards have become a fashion, most men strive to grow facial hair for various reasons.

Research has even revealed that women prefer men with a beard to those without. Specifically, women are attracted to a heavy stubble type of beard as compared to clean-shaven, light stubble, and a long beard. Have you ever wondered what guys with beards are called?

So, what are beard lovers called? Beard lovers are called pogonophiles. The word pogonophile describes the love of beards or loving people with facial hair. On the other hand, the fear of beards is called pogonophobia.

Christopher Oldstone-Moore author of a book called The Beard Movement in Victorian Britain back in 2013 said that for the past one century beards have been perceived to reflect a suspicious streak of individuality and defiance. Politicians, public servants, and businessmen do not want to risk their reputation by not shaving.

Those that can grow a beard have been discriminated in some cultures. This is because some cultures claim that beards are unhygienic and associated with homeless men and a love for women.

In other groups, shaving of beards is forbidden, and as a result, the perception and the norms of the society are influenced by this stand.

However, some of the most revered men in history the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler, and so on commanded respect and authority, and one thing they had in common is that they all had a beard.  

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