Why Can’t I Grow a Beard? Plus Tips to Grow Beard

Why Can’t I Grow a Beard

My brother has successfully and without effort been able to grow the manly beard. However, I have not been able to grow anything close to his. I got curious and decided to do some research here is what I found.

So, why can’t I grow a beard, and are there tips to grow a beard for men who can’t? The reason why most men can’t grow a beard is due to beard genetics, levels of testosterone and DHT, age, androgen receptors, poor blood circulation, ethnicity, and alopecia areata. However, there are tips to grow a beard for those who can’t grow some, which we cover in detail.

Why can’t I grow a beard?

Beard genetics

You must have heard that if you want to know whether you can grow a beard or not you should just take a look at your family line. Well, what this means is that if your grandparents have been able to grow a beard then they must have passed the beard growth genes to you.

Without beard growth genes, you will always struggle to grow a beard. Beard genes determine the thickness and the extent to which your beard will grow. Read on to find out how to grow a beard when genes are not on your side.

Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone clinical levels

These two hormones are known as androgens and are responsible for stimulating the growth of facial hair and other masculine characteristics such as broad shoulders and deep voice.

Testosterone primes beard follicles while dihydrotestosterone promotes linear growth of facial hair. The body produces testosterone which is later converted into DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha–reductase. If you have the right beard growth genes but you have clinically low testosterone, you will not be able to grow a beard.

Read on to find out how to boost your levels of testosterone in case you have low levels.


If you are still a teenager or in your 20’s and you cannot grow a full beard or none at all, the reason you can’t grow a beard is due to age. While some men’s beard genes are sensitive enough to beard hormones at a young age, there is a group of men whose beard genes take time to be responsive enough to beard hormones. These two groups of people are known as early bloomers and late bloomers respectively.

At this stage, you need to exercise patience.

Androgen receptors and their sensitivity to beard hormones.

For the beard hormones to stimulate beard growth they must first enter into the facial hair follicle cells and the DNA. For this to take place the beard hormones must first bind with the androgen receptors.

Some people have a higher amount of androgen receptors than others. The high amount of androgen receptor copies translates to poor beard growth and vice versa.

Poor blood circulation in beard growth area

Well, if you have read this far you already know that to grow a beard you need to have beard genes, the right levels of testosterone-sensitive androgen receptors, and of the right age for some people. Well, beard hormones will not be able to stimulate beard growth if they do not reach the beard genes and androgen receptors.

Blood circulation helps deliver these beard hormones to the beard genes, plus other nutrients that your beard needs to grow such as vitamins and proteins.


Some races can grow a beard easily compared to others. For instance, people who come from the Mediterranean countries have the ability to grow thicker beards as compared to people from other regions.

Based on a study published hereOpens in a new tab., Chinese men struggle to grow a beard and when they succeed they tend to have less facial hair as compared to Caucasian men.   

Alopecia areata

This is a condition whereby by your body’s immune system attacks your hair follicles and leads to hair loss. Alopecia areata does not have a cure. However, your doctor can help you manage it.                  

How to grow a beard when you can’t

Below, we get into details on how you can possibly grow a beard when you can’t grow a beard naturally.

Using minoxidil twice a day on the face

One of the best methods to grow a beard for those who are struggling to grow a beard is by the use of Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine.

A studyOpens in a new tab. conducted in Thailand on some men revealed that Minoxidil was able to stimulate the growth of new facial hair among men who used Rogaine as compared to men who did not use Minoxidil. Most men of Asian origin normally face challenges growing facial hair. This research showed that Minoxidil can indeed help men from Thailand grow a beard.

So, if you are struggling to grow a beard, you should try Minoxidil. However, if you are a teenager or in your 20’s try to exercise patience, and eventually your beard potential will unravel.

Using a beard derma roller

The second tip to grow a beard if you can’t is to use the beard derma roller. When combined with Minoxidil castor oil or peppermint oil derma rollers have been found to stimulate beard growth.

A derma roller is generally a product that is made of so many tiny needles, which when rolled on your skin will create puncture holes.

The puncturing stimulates blood flow into your beard growth area as the body tries to heal the punctures. As a result, collagen is transported by increased blood flow to the punctured area. Combined with peppermint oil which has been proven to increase hair growth and Minoxidil the growth of facial hair and dormant hair follicles will be activated.

There is no research that has been conducted on the effectiveness of derma rollers for beard growth. However, there are tons and tons of anecdotal evidence of people who have used derma rollers to stimulate beard growth.

Secondly, researchOpens in a new tab. conducted on how effective a derma roller combined with Minoxidil can be on scalp hair yielded positive results.

The best needle size of the derma roller to increase blood circulation is the 0.25mm needle size. To effectively puncture the epidermis and stimulate facial hair follicles a 0.5-0.75 mm needle size is the best.

If you choose to use 0.25mm needle size, then you can use it daily, for 0.5mm use it twice a week ad for 0.75mm use it once a week.

My advice would be to start with 0.75mm and when you notice an improvement in facial hair growth switch to 0.25mm needle size.

It is advisable to apply Minoxidil after 24 hours of micro needling.

Make use Carnitine to activate dormant facial hair follicles

Well, this is a little-known secret to help grow facial hair for those who can’t seem to grow facial hair. The best form of carnitine is the L-carnitine L-tartrate powders check this one below.

Research published hereOpens in a new tab. and here, hasOpens in a new tab. proven that using Carnitine can help activate your androgen receptors and as discussed above active androgen receptors means improved beard growth.

In the research, the researchers 2g of carnitine was used by the subjects and resulted in increased androgen receptor sensitivity.

Secondly, this studyOpens in a new tab. showed that carnitine can improve the growth of hair by assisting the body to shuttle fatty acids into the hair follicles and provide a source of energy for direct use, as a result, of more hair transition into the growth phase.

Here is how you can use carnitine to stimulate beard growth, as stated above consuming 2g orally was found to activate the sensitivity of androgen receptors.

Secondly, you can put about 1 gram of Carnitine in a bottle of Minoxidil and use it as you would use Minoxidil. This way carnitine will be deposited into the facial hair follicles to enhance growth.


If you have been struggling to grow a beard and did not know why this article was tailored to help you understand why you were not able to grow a beard. Follow the tips outlined to grow the beard of your dreams.


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