How to Fix Waves and Curls in Beard

How to Fix Waves and Curls in Beard

One of the challenges you will face when growing a beard is waves in your beard. You can either choose to rock the wavy beard style or you can choose to straighten your beard and get rid of the waves.

To find the safest ways to fix waves in beard, I did some research below.

So, how do you fix waves or curls in a beard? You can fix waves in the beard by using beard straighteners. Beard straighteners will also help in straightening and softening the curly and coarse beard.

A frizzy wavy beard looks unkempt, and if your beard is patchy it may even look worse. Straightening your curly wavy beard is a good way to conceal patches in your beard.

However, you can choose to rock in your curly wavy beard by shortening it. This will make it look thicker than it usually is.

What causes curls and waves in a beard?

Genetics is the main cause of curls and waves in beards.

It is all in the way the hair follicles are designed, depending on their design they can either grow either curled up or wavy, at the same time they can also grow straight.

There are two factors that determine how facial hair will be shaped:

  • Oval shaped hair curls easily and is as a result of having asymmetrical beard follicles
  • Round and straight hair is produced by beard follicles that are symmetrical

Besides genetics, the other factor that determines whether your beard will curl or wave itself is the diet that you eat.

Beard is made of collagen and keratin, therefore eating food rich in these components may influence how the beard curls or waves.

Lastly, there are two major minerals that may cause the beard to curl if their ratio is not balanced.

When your body has excess zinc as compared to copper the end result is a curly beard. Nonetheless, genetics carries the lion’s share of causing curls and waves in a beard.

What to do before straightening your beard

The hygiene of your beard should not be in question at all, you should use shampoo or beard soaps specifically made for washing your beard without harsh chemicals.

You should probably look for beard shampoo and conditioner that have argan and jojoba oil as some of their ingredients.

Jojoba and argan oil are known to aid in softening beards which will make it easy to use a beard straightener.

Below is a list of the top-rated best beard straighteners in the market.

What to consider before buying a beard straightener

A good high-quality beard straightener is a bit expensive, and for good reason.

You do not want to buy a straightener that does not leave up to its purpose and most of all causes more harm than good.

Like destroying your beard and burning your skin when you use it. Below are some of the factors you should consider before buying a beard straightener to fix waves in your beard.

Size of your beard

If you have a short or stubble beard, a beard less than 2 inches.

There is no need of wasting your money buying a beard straightener. A mixture of argan and jojoba oil will help you soften and tame your curly beard all you need to do is ensure you apply the mixture twice a day after a shower.

Secondly, a short beard does not have waves but might have curls.

Something that a mixture of argan and jojoba oil and a good beard brush and comb can take care of. Longer beards may also require a different type of beard straightener as compared to a short beard.


There are some cheaper options in the market that will just do the trick.

Considering your safety and health of your beard, it is advisable to invest in a good high-quality beard straightener.

In this case, a Tame beard straightener is a good option. It is mid-priced and uses metal ceramic heating technology which is more advanced in terms of heat distribution.

Type of your beard

One of the most important aspects to consider before buying a beard straightener to tame waves and curls in your beard is the type of your beard.

Some beards are coarse than others and may require more heat than a rather smooth soft beard.

If you have a coarse wavy beard you should consider purchasing a beard straightener that has a wide range of temperatures.  

Size of the beard straightener

This factor applies to beard enthusiasts who are always traveling, you will need a small beard straightener that is lightweight and can store power in case you happen to find yourself in a place with no power.

Below we discuss some of the best beard straighteners on the market.

The Best Beard Straighteners on the Market are:

  1. Jurgen K beard straightener
  2. Coolkeso ionic beard straightener
  3. Suntee beard straightener for men
  4. Tame’s beard straightener
  5. Cutie Academy ionic beard straightener comb

The best beard straighteners on the market

Jurgen K beard straightener

This mid-priced beard straightener from Jurgen K uses the latest PTC ceramic technology which ensures it heats up to the desired temperature within a very short time about 30 seconds to be precise.

Additionally, it has adjustable temperature controls ranging from 1200C (2500F) to 2300C (4500F).

The real time temperature display makes it easy to choose the right temperature for your beard or hair.

This beard straightener is also designed in such a way that it can be used by both men and women.

The auto-lock feature prevents accidental pressing. To prevent your skin from burning the Jurgen K beard straightener is fitted with an anti-scald tip.

The beard comb is fitted with the latest advanced negative ionic generator, these negative ions interact with the hair molecules and help to remove and repair frizz, giving you a shiny and smooth beard.

The 3600 swivel power cord improves ease of use and prevents the cable from twining.


  • Heats within a short time
  • Can be used both on beard and hair
  • Works for thick and curly hair
  • Does not have a plastic smell once it heats up


  • Some users have reported cases of the device burning when plugged in

2. Coolkesi ionic beard straightener

This beard straightener from Coolkesi is also mid-priced, but that does not mean it is not good at what it does.

It is designed to work for both men and women, it operates by means of negative ions dissipated by advanced PTC ceramic heating which makes your beard or hair frizz-free, smooth, and straight helping you get rid of waves in your beard.

Like Jurgen K beard straightener Coolkesi beard straightener also heats within 30 seconds, which saves you waiting time especially if you are in a hurry.

Coolkesi beard straightener is equipped with five levels of temperature 250℉,280℉,320℉,350℉,390℉.

To protect your skin under the beard from getting burned, coolkesi is fitted with anti-scald and ceramic coating.

To prevent accidental power-ups, it is fitted with a button that has to be long pressed for 3 seconds to switch it on.

For safety measures, it has an auto shut-off function that is activated if the beard straightener has not been used for 30 minutes.

Its ease of use, lightweight, and design make it a good option in case you are looking for a beard straightener to use when traveling.


  • Heats up within 30 seconds
  • Different levels of temperature heating
  • Has an LED temperature display
  • Can be used on a short beard


  • Some users reported that the device could not heat up enough

3. Suntee cordless beard straightener

This beard straightener is more expensive as compared to its counterparts, costing about twice as much as other beard straighteners in the market.

The design of Santee straightener makes it easy to use especially if you are traveling since the USB cable and inbuilt battery makes it easy to charge and use.

Suntee will detangle your beard, giving it a silky, smooth and shiny look.

Suntee is fitted with a wide of temperature ranging from 90℃ (190℉) to 200℃ (390℉). Like most beard straighteners Suntee beard straightener also uses ionic conditioning that helps in controlling frizzing and snagging.

Compared to both Jurgen K and Coolkes beard straighteners, Suntee heats within 20 to 30 minutes slightly faster than its counterparts. It is also fitted with an LED screen that displays the temperature.

If left unused for about 30 minutes, it is fitted with a mechanism that will shut it off automatically.

Additionally, it has a 3 seconds power-up delay to protect against accidentally switching it on.


  • Heats up within 30 seconds
  • It is cordless
  • Auto shut off mechanism
  • 3 seconds delay power-up button
  • Anti-scald beard comb
  • Small and portable perfect for traveling


  • A bit pricey as compared to most beard straighteners
  • It does not work well with long beards
  • Some users have reported getting burned when using it

4. Tame beard straightener: best beard straightener for the money

If you are willing to cough that extra buck and get quality at the same time Tame beard straightener makes a good option.

This beard straightener is made of advanced metal ceramic heater technology as opposed to the other beard straighteners that use PTC, this technology makes it easy to distribute heat evenly and reduces the heat-up time considerably.

It is also fitted with anti-scald to prevent your skin from being burnt.

Advanced metal ceramic heater technology reduces heat-up time to 60 seconds, slightly higher as compared to other beard straighteners.

The beard straightener uses an ionic generator that aids in reducing frizz and strengthening your beard.

Additionally, it is also fitted with an anti-scald design that prevents skin from the heat.

LED screen makes it easy to monitor the temperature which ranges from 250°F to 450°F.

If the beard straightener is not used for 30 minutes, it has an auto shut-off mechanism that saves power and for safety reasons.    


  • Takes 60 seconds to heat up
  • Uses MTC technology which ensures even distribution of heat
  • Works on the beard as short as 2” and upwards


  • Can’t be used on a short beard less than 2”

5. Cutie academy ionic beard straightener comb: best budget beard straightener

This beard straightener is one of the highly-rated cheap options in the market. At such a lower price point this straightener has gained a place in the arsenal of most bearded guys, given the number of reviews on amazon.

It has a removable out-layer comb that acts as a shield against burning your skin. This straightener is also compatible with different types of hair be it short, flat, curly wavy, or long.


  • Cheaper price point
  • Easy to use


  • Some users have reported that the device takes time to heat up
  • Users report that it does not work on the coarse curly beard

How to use a beard straightener

Wash your beard with a high-quality beard shampoo

  • Dry it using a cotton-made towel.
  • Once your beard is dry switch your beard straightener on and runs it through your beard like you do a comb
  • Regulate the straightener’s heat depending on your beard
  • After using beard straightener it is advisable to use some high-quality beard oil to moisturize your beard, combine it with a high-quality beard balm for styling.


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