Is Macadamia Oil Good for Beards?

Macadamia oil for beards

Wondering whether macadamia oil is good for your beard? Well, we got you covered.

Macadamia oil is good for beard grooming but does not promote or stimulate beard growth. The benefits of macadamia oil as a beard oil for beard grooming include moisturizing your beard, help control frizz and smoothen your beard, strengthen beard hairs, adding shine, and help in detangling your beard.

The best time to apply beard oil is right from the shower, especially after washing your beard with warm water.

What is Macadamia Oil?

Macadamia oil is extracted from the nuts of the macadamia tree, via a process known as cold pressing that ensures it retains most of its natural properties.

Macadamia oil has a clear, light yellow appearance and remains liquid at room temperature.

Benefits of Macadamia Oil for Beards

Adds strength

Macadamia oil’s ability to penetrate hair fibers is excellent compared to other oils such as jojoba and mineral oil.

Macadamia oil has magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, and copper which when combined with fatty acids contained in macadamia oil helps strengthen your facial hair.

Restore Damaged Beard Hair

This benefit of macadamia oil is closely related to the strengthening property. Using the wrong products on your bears such as heat objects used to straighten your beard. Chemicals such as ones used in beard perming can result in a damaged beard.

Given that macadamia oil can easily penetrate the beard it will help infuse protein into your beard and restore damage caused by harsh beard straighteners and heat objects.

You can combine macadamia oil with rice water or protein treatment to restore damaged beard. The high protein content of rice water will ensure that your beard gets back most of its lost protein.


Like most other natural oils macadamia oil has, good moisturizing benefits, especially when combined with a hair penetrating oil such as coconut oil or avocado oil.

While macadamia oil does not penetrate beards fully, when combined with an oil such as coconut oil it will help seal coconut oil that has already penetrated into the beard and keep your beard and skin moisturized.

The best time to apply macadamia nut oil is after washing your beard with preferably warm water. Warm water helps open up your beard cuticles which allow the oil to soak in.

Given that macadamia oil has protein in it, it will help moisturize and add strength at the same time.

Control Sebum Production

One of the components of macadamia oil is oleic acid. Oleic acids help to regulate the production of sebum oil.

Excess production of sebum oil can be bothersome for people who have oily acne-prone skin. This fact makes macadamia oil a good beard oil for men with sensitive skin who aren’t allergic to nut oil.

Controls Frizz and Dry Beard Hair

A frizzy beard can be discouraging and even make your beard look dirty and unkempt. One of the factors that make your beard frizzy and dry is lack of moisture.

Using macadamia oil will help keep your beard moisturized consequently controlling frizz and making it easy to comb and style.

DIY Macadamia Beard Oil

Here’s how you can create a DIY macadamia beard oil:

What you will need:

  • A spoonful of macadamia oil
  • A spoonful of avocado oil
  • A spoonful of coconut oil
  • Vitamin E oil

Coconut oil will penetrate your beard cuticle and moisturize it from the inside out. Avocado oil on the other hand does not penetrate the beard as much as coconut oil, but it will also offer more moisture to your beard without weighing it down. Finally, Macadamia oil will seal in moisture inside your beard.

Vitamin E oil will help keep your DIY beard oil from going rancid. That simply means it will extend the freshness of your beard oil.

Always apply beard oil to your beard when it is dump after washing with warm water to allow for maximum absorption of the beard oil.

Who Should Use Macadamia Oil?

Curly facial hair takes more oil to moisturize compared to other types of beards. Due to their curliness, 4C beards (aka curly beards) sebum oils do not travel far enough to the tip of the beard to fully moisturize it.

Having macadamia oil will help you keep your beard moisturized. Macadamia nut oil is also a great fit for anyone that perms, dyes their, or uses a blow dryer to style their beard. Macadamia oil will help repair damaged beard as a result of styling.


While macadamia oil will not stimulate new growth beard growth. It will help you stimulate your beard and skin beneath your beard if you already have a beard. Keeping your beard moisturized, will help you fight dandruff caused by dryness, tame frizz beard, and ease your combing. For men who have a curly beard, it will help with combing your beard.


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